[Fiction] Matchmaking Matchmaker

It started with a movie date. No, scratch that. It couldn’t really be called a date if there were two boys and one girl, correct? It had started with a phone call from Fabian to Aaron, asking to go to the movies.

“Nah, I’ll pass,” Aaron had said, not finding the idea of going to a movie date with his male best friend to be appealing.

“Pleeease,” said the voice from the other line. “Help me here, it’s gonna be awkward if we’re alone. I don’t know her that well.”

An auburn eyebrow was raised. “Oh?” Aaron smirked, “Who’s the girl?”

“A friend. Met her on Soundcloud. She has a cute voice. You’ll like her, so come on”

Hah, Aaron thought, he wanted me to be there on their first date? Lame. “Fine,” Aaron told him. “You’re paying.”

A resigned sigh. “Sure.”

* * *

Her name was Dee. A small, lithe girl with fair long hair and a shy, shy smile. Figured, Aaron thought, this was the type Fabian would like. From her gestures—and the fact that she was willing to come a long way to meet up—Aaron was pretty convinced Fabian didn’t need his help.The movie they ended up watching was some chick flick, most likely picked by Dee. If it was Fabian who chose this, Aaron would give him a smack over his head later. He felt like falling asleep already.

Even so, being the good friend that he was, Aaron thought, he’d give his two companions a little push. The chance came later, when the three of them had dinner. Dee talked excitedly about the male protagonist, who was very romantic, which translated to Aaron as a big sap. Then again, Fabian, would be that kind of boyfriend, wouldn’t he?

“So which part of the movie did you like?” Aaron started, trying to get an opening.

“Uhm, I don’t know, there are so many scenes I like,” her eyes were getting dreamy, Aaron noted. Yep, not his type. “I like it when the guy could guess what the girl wanted without saying anything, and that he actually bought it for her.”

“Right,” Aaron offered a smile. Figured that movies like these ruined relationships. They get girls’ expectation on boys to be so high. What was wrong with just telling your guy you want this, or that? He’d still buy you the stuff. “He’s very observant,” Aaron told Dee. “Just like Fabian here, right?”

Fabian blinked. “Erm… I guess?”

“On my birthday last year,” Aaron continued, “He gave me a jacket with hoodie, exactly what I wanted at the time, and I didn’t even tell him I wanted that.”

“You were pretty obvious about it,” Fabian snorted lightly. “The way you kept looking at those jackets—Korean style, right?—whenever we happened to hang out in a mall, and that you were browsing it online to find that exact model.”

“See? Observant,” Aaron thumbed at Fabian while giving Dee a big, broad smile which say, come on he’s your perfect boyfriend material.

Dee looked at the both of them, lips forming an almost cooing smile and said, “You two are so sweet.”

Aaron and Fabian looked at each other, then without being commanded, making a motion of someone throwing up.

* * *


Fabian insisted that Aaron took Dee home, since her house is in Aaron’s direction, but still! Aaron mouthed the word, ‘Are you fucking sure?’ because that was the important part of the date, right? When you drive the girl home and see if—if there will be a second and third date? Maybe try and see if you could kiss her? So you. Do not. Tell your best friend. To drive your date home, is he an idiot?

Fabian did seem like he didn’t have a clue, though, as he mouthed back, ‘Yeah, why?’

Aaron’s palm landed on his face.

“What is it?” Dee asked curiously, having not seen the exchange between the boys.

“Nothing,” Aaron smiled a bit too brightly at the girl. “Let’s go then.”

* * *

It was much later that night, when Aaron gave his clueless best friend a ring.“Dude, you’re seriously okay with me driving her home? Are you an idiot?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong with that? It’s on your way home.”

Still,” Aaron let out an exasperated sigh. “It was going so good! I think she’s into you already. You should have just driven her home, see if there’s any chance for the next date. Moron.”

“Wait,” Aaron could hear the confusion in Fabian’s voice. “What are you talking about?”

Really? “What are you talking about? Didn’t you ask me to go so I could help you approach this girl?”

“What? No! I wanted you to meet her and see if you’d like her. I think she will be good for you.”

“Wait—waitwaitwait,” Aaron pinched the bridge of his nose, “You wanted to play matchmaking for me?”

“Umm…yes?” a pause, then, “and you wanted…to help me win her over.”

Then, there was a long, horrible pause in which the two best friends inwardly swear at each other’s stupidity.

– NeverEnding –


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