[Fiction] On a Fine Day

I stretch my back and let out a big yawn, before jumping down from the tree branch that was my bed for the past few days. I like being in high places, so I can observe what is around me.I arrived at this neighborhood about a month ago, having traveled from the much more densely populated area that wasn’t even livable. Both the people and the strays must have had some anger issues.This area, though, looks quite nice and friendly. When I just arrived, I passed by a small family restaurant and went to the backdoor in search of food. The young lad who was a waiter there happened to see me when he was about to throw away some garbage, and called out to me—my instinct immediately said food, food!

So help him, he gave me some leftovers—it’s probably lucky those humans were dumb enough to not finish a perfectly fine food—and water. He crouched there as I ate, and I simply ignore him. He had my thanks, but I left immediately after I was done eating.

I don’t want to be bound yet. I like my freedom. I like living on the streets and going to places. Or maybe, I just haven’t found my human.

I walk leisurely along the neighborhood, saying hi to Bradey, the young white with black spots who acts like he owns the place. Although he isn’t really what I’d call friendly, so far he hasn’t acted like he’s looking for a fight. Then again, I’m not going to claim his territory. I’ve seen the places he’s marked and I’m not interested.

I turn left at the corner, and hearing the hum of engine sound, I leap up to a brick wall lining along the streets. Better walk from up here rather than be ran over by those steel running machine they call a car. I’ve seen my litter mate got hit by one of these things, when we were only about three months old. Wasn’t a pleasant memory to remember.

Around the corner is the house of an old couple who, as I’ve learned from other strays, like to feed us three times a day. Though, it’s probably still too early, because when I peek from their garden and into the house, they were still in bed. It’s the wife who usually would feed us. I decide to hang out just in front of the house, joining some other strays who are already there.

In this part of the neighborhood, There are four other cats other than me and a female dog who, as I’ve observed, thinks it’s her job to break cat fights when they do happen. It’s kind of hilarious.

‘So are you planning to stay?’ Mitzi the female calico asked suddenly. I kinda feel like she has something for me, though it is not that season yet.

‘I dunno, this place is nice, yes, but I still want to explore to South.’

‘South?’ asks Sally the dog. ‘Not recommended. Lots of bad kids there, they’re awful to animals.’

‘Oh.’ Right, if my memory serves me right, Sally kind of ran away from there and settled here. She used to belong to a family, but situation forced them to move and she was left behind. What irresponsible humans. That’s why I like living like this, no exclusivity. I belong to myself.

‘Why don’t you just stay here?’

Well. The strays in this block are fine, but the ones a couple of blocks away? Meh. Sally sometimes wander there on her ‘patrol duty’. I got to follow her a few days ago. ‘I’ll think about it.’

The sun is getting high, and not long, I hear it. The rustling sounds of Granny preparing for our food! We’re already gathering in front of the gate even before Granny is in sight. She brings us dry cat food, which Sally has learned to enjoy, too.

After meal, we scatter to mind our own businesses. I wander the neighborhood to find a high spot I can perch onto and take a nap, while thinking of Sally’s suggestion. Maybe after I check all the surrounding areas, then I’ll decide where I’ll stay—at least until I get bored and want to venture elsewhere.

One block away from the granny’s, I find a nice, green house. I sneak into their front yard out of curiosity, wondering if there would be any trees or walls I can climb to, and—my eyes meet a pair of feet. I look up and find the human lady looking down at me with big, stupid grin.

“Hi, Kitty! Are you new here?”

‘Can you not call me Kitty?,’ I replied.

“What? Meow, meow, so you’re new! Come here, meow!”

Don’t meow me, thet just sounds stupid.

“C’mere, meow, meow!” she reaches out her palm, an invitation for an introduction.

I steps closer to the human lady now crouching in front of me, sniffing tentatively at his fingertips. There’s just something about this lady which is very inviting. I meet this kind of human sometimes, one with the aura which draws me close.

“You remind me of Pretzel. He passed away a month ago, he looks just like you. Why don’t you stay, hmm?”

I don’t really understand what she’s saying, but I like how soft her eyes are. Though—‘Sorry Lady, I don’t want to be owned just yet.’

“Hmm?” she obviously doesn’t understand what I’m saying, but it doesn’t matter.

‘Nice to meet’cha, but I gotta go now,’ I said and turn around, stepping away.

“Aww, Kitty! You’re leaving already?”

She sounds so sad, so I halt my steps and turned around. ‘I’ll drop by later. Prepare some food for me.’

Then, I walk on, thinking maybe later, I’ll drop by this house again. The Lady seems to like cats, so maybe she’ll give me some food.

For now though, I’m going to find a place for a nap.



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